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Geostats Addon Release

We are glad to announce the new version of our Geostats addon.


Current: 2.7


- Automatic Updates
- Automatic Processing
- local-infile Removed
- Unique Exports
- Process Log

Features description

A brief description about the Changelog.

Automatic Updates

From now all the GEOIP Database is updated automatically, the database is updated each 10 minutes.

Automatic Processing

The CRON job has been removed, from now the processing is automatically Triggered when the Interspire CRON is executed.

PS: The Processing is executed each 10 minutes ( Configured in: addons/geostats/config/config.php )

local-infile Removed

Previously the addon was using the local-infile method in MySQL to load the GEO IP Database, this process has been removed because there is some Servers where local-infile is not enabled, so was causing errors in the installation.

Unique Exports

We added the posibility to export All and Unique records from Country - Region - City.

Process Log

The Process log is recorded in the Addons Log addons/installer/install/global_backup/logs/geostats/log.txt

Thats all for now, thank you.